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Endurance is a word that makes people think of sport, or pushing forward through adversity. Project Echelon is my non-profit and we educate, equip, and empower veterans and their families to heal through physical activity and self discovery. This show serves that mission. How do I train in a healthy way? How do I use that physical outlet to pursue a healthy mind and heal the invisible wounds of the past? We own three things in this life, our mind, body, and story. How we use our minds and bodies writes our story. We want to help you write the best story possible.

Dec 10, 2018

Rob is a man who races intense endurance run/walks while wearing his firefighter gear. It may seem odd to the average person, but the reason he does it is incredible. The guests on this show vary in execution of purpose, but all have found there way to it. So often we get sucked into believing what culture tells us to do or be is how we find purpose. This is the core of our conversation!