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Endurance is a word that makes people think of sport, or pushing forward through adversity. Project Echelon is my non-profit and we educate, equip, and empower veterans and their families to heal through physical activity and self discovery. This show serves that mission. How do I train in a healthy way? How do I use that physical outlet to pursue a healthy mind and heal the invisible wounds of the past? We own three things in this life, our mind, body, and story. How we use our minds and bodies writes our story. We want to help you write the best story possible.

Jul 31, 2018

Body positive is a starting point, but not a staying point if your current mental or physical health is preventing you from getting where you want to go. In this episode, I reflect on that concept.

Jul 30, 2018

When I began my fitness journey, I noticed themes emerging in the challenges in my run, that replicated those in my life. In this episode, I talk about how I began to use endurance sport as a method to grow stronger in my day to day life. This created the foundation for what would become my path the healing.

Jul 23, 2018

I sat down with my friend and co-founder of our non-profit Project Echelon to share how it formed, and what we do. We dove into the function of our elite race team and how our sponsors are supporting the team AND our veterans. If you want to know what our non-profit does, and why... This is the episode for you!

Jul 20, 2018

Is time in a career wasted time if we leave it? In many areas of life, we can feel change and transition are signals of failure. We can believe that a shift in passion means everything we did before that equates to wasted years of life. I don't see it that way and some events this week reminded me of this truth. 

Jul 16, 2018

Warrior lead solutions are becoming a way many veterans and first responders are finding healing post traumatic experience. Today, I interview Jo-Z from "Save A Warrior" to talk about why these "Warrior lead solutions" are having such a profound effect on our service men and women in healing from...